Headlights and daytimes running lights

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This is just a friendly reminder…daytime running light and headlights are not the same thing.  They are two different bulbs or lights on the front of your vehicle.  With the short days now here, we are going to using our headlights a lot more and it is illegal to be driving around with a burnt out headlight.  Yes, you can get a ticket from our friendly police officers.  It does make sense, seeing and being seen is important on our roads at anytime of year.   At AE Auto Plus, in Thornhill, we inspect all your lights every time you come in.  Whether you live in Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill or Thornhill come in for a visit and let’s see if all your lights are working.  Some headlights are simple and some not so simple and we do recommend changing them in pairs…cause if one has gone, you are rest assured that the other headlight will go shortly too.