Auto Mechanics and Staff

Auto Mechanics and Staff  Are Dedicated to Quality Automotive Service & Excellence in Customer Care!

Auto Mechanics You Can Trust

When choosing where to have your vehicle serviced, you have many choices. When you consider the quality of workmanship of our AE Auto Plus auto mechanics, the auto club savings programs, our personal service and integrity mandate, and our competitive pricing you have every reason to make AE Auto Plus the first choice for all your auto repair and maintenance needs. We protect your new car warranty and are committed to providing a successful and pleasant automotive service experience to every client.

Andy Eaton


Andy Eaton – Leadership
At the helm of AE Auto Plus, Andy brings his commitment to quality to every service interaction. Over the past 30 years, Andy has built a reputation as a trustworthy, honest automotive professional. His experience and expertise in auto repair and maintenance is valued by his loyal clients and new customers alike. He is an auto mechanic expert with a heart, advising and educating his customers daily to ensure  they are making informed decisions about their vehicles. Having an electric kiddie car at age 2 set the stage for Andy’s life-long love of cars. His passion for vehicles is part of what gives AE Auto Plus customers a unique service experience.


Susan Eaton


Susan Eaton – Administration 

Working both behind the scenes and interacting with customers, Susan's mandate is to create an exceptional customer experience for every AE Plus client. She takes care of our customers in a way that wins them over for life. AE Auto Plus would not run the way it does without her. Her caring and friendly approach to customer service adds a “wow” factor to the work we do for our valued customers.



Shenequa Roberts – Service Advisor
Shenequa’s main responsibility is to interpret your concerns for the auto mechanic, so that the mechanic can diagnose and repair problems correctly. Shenequa then translates the actual repair problem, which may be very complicated, into language you can understand. She also works with our customers to schedule service, confirm appointments and handle administrative aspects of our customer service department. Shenequa says, “Before AE, I thought a car was an appliance and didn’t even think of how it worked. Now I have a whole new appreciation for vehicles. My own family comes to me to ask questions of what they should do about their car!”  




Chris Peters - Licensed Technician

Chris comes to us with over 30 years experience as a licensed Automotive 
Technician. In that time he has been happily married and raised a son and daughter.
We are pleased with the wealth of knowledge Chris comes to us with. In his down 
time he enjoys snowmobiling and ATVing and to keep in the great shape that he is, 
hockey makes the list too.

Mechanic Technician at AE Auto Plus Gordon


Gordon Sealey - Licensed Mechanic
Finding a mentor at an early age, Gordon grew up tinkering afternoons and weekends, alongside a great teacher. He never envisioned doing anything elase and still enjoys the challenge of solving the issues that today's vehicles bring. While on vacation, Gordon visited Toronto in the winter and fell in love with our beautiful city. Six years ago, he made the courageous decision to pack up his life in Guyana and give it a shot here. He hasn't looked back since. Instilled with a wonderful work ethic, Gordon is a real asset to our team.


Glen Briginshaw
Glen Briginshaw - Technician
Beginning with a Chevette at age 14, Glen has always enjoyed tinkering on vehicles in the garage away from his two older sisters. Glen has restored two antique Jeeps with his dad.  He enjoys learning something new each day about diagnosing and repairing all types of vehicles.  When he's not an invaluable helping hand at AE Auto Plus, he's enjoying the family cottage in the Kawarthas.

Austin & Nathan Eaton – Owner’s Sidekicks
“The Eaton Boyz” love Daddy’s workshop! Although they are not officially staff, their presence is definitely here. Some of the artwork in our shop is theirs and they have an area, out back, that they have claimed as their own. They love to take apart and rebuild what is being scrapped. These are two boys that were definitely born to work with their hands. Their imagination can be endless; their attempt to build a solar car is still a work in progress. We will have to wait a few more years! 

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